Wilderland Adventure Company

Embrace the Outdoors Year-round with Wilderland Adventure Company

Wilderland Adventure CompanyWilderland Adventure Company is where you can partake in high-quality, year-round outdoor experiences, no matter how much or how little experience you have with the outdoors. Whether you’re looking for tours and courses that will teach you basics or for an exciting outing that will further your skills, no matter your age or skillsets, you can harness the adventures that Wilderland offers!

Wilderland Adventure Company may be the definition of outdoors. Their passionate and experienced local outdoor leaders, wilderness guides, and educators will show you the ins and outs of your favourite activities while having a fun, safe, and responsible Manitoban outdoor adventure!

From half and full-day tours to multi-day trips, you can discover your passion for these relaxing yet heart-pounding adventures in a fun and safe environment. Wilderland aims to provide outdoor education for people of all ages, whether your interests lay in summer activities like backpacking, paddling, hiking, camping, or winter adventures like snowshoeing and winter camping. You can experience activities that you’ve always wanted to try while gaining the knowledge to be safe and connecting with local places, people, and their stories.

Wilderland Adventure CompanyWilderland also works with Equip Canada to create the Youth Outdoors Project to reduce the barriers of impactful outdoor adventure programs in Manitoba. Together with local schools, churches and youth organizations, they have co-created a reality where children and youth can experience year-round, life-changing outdoor activities.

Wilderland Adventure Company is a fantastic resource for all – whether you’re a novice or avid nature lover. With each unique program, tour, and course, you follow a journey that connects you with people, nature, adventure, Canadian heritage, and yourself while gaining the knowledge and confidence to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and responsible manner.

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