A modern day, outdoors twist on the ever popular treasure hunt, geocaching is the sport of tracking down hidden containers using clues and GPS (Global Positioning System) technology.  In geocaching, someone creates a cache that typically includes a logbook and container with any number of items inside. Once the cache is hidden, the latitude and longitude coordinates for the location is identified on the geocache website along with details for that particular geocache.  The modern day treasure hunters then search for the hidden container using the location coordinates and a handheld GPS unit. Once the cache is found, the hunter takes an item from the container, leaves a new item, logs the date and items in the logbook, and returns the container to its hiding place for the next adventurer.  Some geocaches contain trackable coins and “bugs” that are logged back on to the website so the creators of the cache can following its travels around the country, and even the world! Find out how to get started and locate some great sites in Eastern Manitoba from the Manitoba Geocaching Association www.mbgeocaching.ca.

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