Whether you like it rough or smooth, summer or winter, there are plenty of options for cycling dirt and paved trails in Manitoba. Ride trails that twist across rugged Canadian Shield rock, traverse single-track paths that wind through boreal forests or push your pedals past rolling aspen and bur oak forests. For incredible cycling trails in Eastern Manitoba head toward Grand Beach Provincial Park to combine forested hills with the demands of sandy soil.

Enjoy smooth cycling on paved surface paths through the woods and meandering around a lake on the Pine Ridge Bicycle Trail in Birds Hill Provincial Park. Earn some distance pedalling the paved road that loops through the park. For dirt trail riding, stick to the Bluestem Bike Trail.  Indulge both your off-road and paved-trail biking desires in Whiteshell Provincial Park. Leisurely spin past rugged granite outcrops and through lush forests in Manitoba’s largest and most visited provincial park. Start your off-road cycling adventure on trails from Big Whiteshell LakeInverness Falls or Betula Lake. Or roll along the paved surface of the South Whiteshell Trail, part of the Trans Canada Trail.

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