This Historic east-west route joins Lake Superior to the western prairies. MOM’s Way is the name for a series of highways in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba, and the U.S. state of Minnesota. The name “MOM” is an acronym for Manitoba, Ontario, and Minnesota, the two provinces and one state traversed by this multi-highway route.

Discover the route less travelled! Travelling southeast from Winnipeg or west from Thunder Bay, MOM’s Way offers 645 kms of well-kept, paved roads connecting these two cities along Highways 11 and 12 through Canada and the U.S.  For centuries, First Nations people and the fur trades, “coureurs de bois”, paddled the historic boundary waters of this route joining Lake Superior to the western prairies. Today you can explore the beauty and wonder of the original route. Boasting beautiful prairie sunsets and lake-filled forests, the route will take you through interesting cities and villages including Fort Frances, Rainy River and Atikokan, Ontario; Sprague, Warroad and Baudette, Minnesota and Steinbach, Manitoba, as well as the anchor cities of Thunder Bay and Winnipeg.