June 2018 Newsletter

High tides float all boats.

In the words of Colin Ferguson, President and CEO of Travel Manitoba, high tides do float all boats. Over the past few years we have witnessed this idea in action with place branding initiatives and tourism committees popping up all over the region. As the enthusiasm for tourism ripples through the region, so do the investment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

If you have a tourism business idea churning in the water, let us know. We can help point your bow in the right direction. We can assist with development of your idea, business resources that are available to get your boat in the water, and marketing advice.

Two resources to dip your paddles into are Community Futures Winnipeg Riverand Community Futures Triple R. In the region, canoe outfitters, fishing adventures, snowmobile rentals and private campgrounds are a few of the opportunities. Community Futures offers loans, mentoring and business planning, access to business resources and the self-employment program.

With all these resources available at your fingertips, they will help you maneuver uncharted waters. I’m sure by now you caught the play on words. In Eastern Manitoba, water tourism is abundant. Our rivers, lakes and streams are a some of the most beautiful in the province. We want to show it off to the world so when you’re out making waves, be sure to tag us #EasternMB with your best pics of you enjoying the flow of our cool rushing waters.

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