July 2018 Newsletter

Tourism continues to grow in the region.

The 2018 visitor guide is out, social media is flowing, tourism business in the region is hopping, the weather is perfect – what more can we do to enhance tourism experiences in Eastern Manitoba? Much more! We’re always striving for a better visitor experience in the region which can mean many things.  It could be as simple as planting flower pots in front of your business, sweeping the sidewalk, having clean washrooms available for customers, or greeting people with a smile and a friendly hello. On Canada Day I took my mom for a drive to Traverse Bay. We stopped for lunch at Benjamin’s Bistro then a bit of shopping at the Lakehouse Treasures. At both locations we were greeted with friendly welcomes. Benjamin’s even had their own washroom available for patrons, giving us a much better experience than the regular washroom. We later drove to the Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail which was the main purpose of our trip. Seeing the Pitcher Plants and Showy Lady Slippers was a real treat. But because we had a great experience on our little road trip we will go back. Had we not experienced friendly people and great service we most likely wouldn’t.

Jenny Dupas
Executive Director

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