August 2018 Newsletter

There’s something about the place.

I have a little known secret…but again maybe it’s not so secret. My husband and I are business owners in the RM of Whitemouth. We built a B&B seven years ago called Moon Gate Guest House. It’s been an amazing journey and meeting people from Manitoba and around the world is definitely one of the highlights of the summer.

When we come across new residents to Manitoba out for some rest and relaxation, I often ask why they moved to Manitoba. For many the response is the same. “There’s something about the place”. Both my husband and I being born and raised in Manitoba, we would agree, and we’ve lived in Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC. Whether you have deep roots or not, there is something we just can’t put our finger on that makes it special. If you have thoughts on what that is, please send us a note so we can share with our followers on social media. We love hearing from you. Tag us #EasternMB.

Jenny Dupas
Executive Director

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