Snap a Photo at These Roadside Attractions!

Snap a Photo at These Roadside Attractions in Eastern Manitoba for a Day of Fun & Adventure!

Snap a photo at these roadside attractions located in Lorette, Pinawa, West Hawk Lake, and Scanterbury!

Whether you’re looking for a fun activity to do, love hitting the road and exploring, or just looking for that Insta worthy pic, you can’t beat the charm of roadside attractions!

Centre of Canada (Lorette)

Snap a Photo at These Roadside Attractions!

This fantastic attraction and very cool fact can be found in the RM of Taché – where East meets West, creating the center of Canada (longitudinal 96° 48’ 35).

Along the TransCanada Highway, this 20-acre park is the national gathering place to celebrate Canada, whether you’re travelling the landscaped paths with interpretive plaques or relaxing by the “Little Canada” natural playground for a picnic.

Pinawa Heritage Sundial (Pinawa)

The Pinawa Heritage Sundial is a horizontal dial stretching 10 metres square, with a gnomon 5 metres high, and is designed specifically for the latitude and longitude of the site, incorporating 12 heritage icons depicting the Eastman region, themes of the First Peoples, La Vérendrye, the fur trade, the development of hydroelectric power, industry, research, and more. The structure teaches visitors how one of the world’s oldest timepieces is used to tell time.

Spirit Of The Hawk (West Hawk Lake)

Snap a Photo at These Roadside Attractions!

In West Hawk Lake, you’ll see quite a few carvings scattered throughout the town, so you’ll want to pay attention to snap a photo at these roadside attractions, but the Spirit of the Hawk is simply breathtaking and is a must-see!

This stunning wood-carved hawk was carved by Russ Kubara and can be found in front of Esso gas station. It stands proud at six feet, watching vehicles and pedestrians go by, and looks as if the spirit of the hawk is emerging through the Eastern White Cedar tree trunk.

The Wavers of Brokenhead/Big Red Chair (Scanterbury)

Perhaps one of the most well-known attractions to those in and around Eastern Manitoba is the Wavers of Brokenhead, also known as the big red chair, located along Highway 59 north at Wavers gas station and across the street from South Beach Casino. And the story behind this spectacular landmark might be one of the most charming, heartfelt ones out there. The description below is from a plaque located on the chair today:

This big lawn chair which was made and donated by John Bear is in memory of Nelson Starr (A.K.A John Bunn), who entered the spirit world on July 30, 2007.

Nelson was one of the two wavers that stood alongside Highway 59 and waved to passing vehicles on their way to the beaches or their summer cottages.

Nelson stood alongside his brother James Starr and were known as “The Wavers of Brokenhead.”

Nelson spent a lot of hot summer days standing or sitting in his favourite chair waving at passing vehicles.

Many people stopped to say “hello” or offered him a bottle of water or even a special treat for him to enjoy.

So with this big chair, the legacy of “The Wavers of Brokenhead Ojibway Nation” lives on.

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