Roadside Fun Destinations in Eastern Manitoba

Roadside Fun Destination

Roadside Fun Destinations in Eastern Manitoba! Cars, Cows, Bison & a Whole Lot More!

Discover some fantastic Roadside Fun Destinations in Dominion City, St. Malo, Steinbach, La Broquerie, and Grunthal!

There are quite a few fantastic monuments, unique statues, and roadside attractions in Eastern Manitoba that are incredible for a road trip adventure or snapping that perfect selfie! Take a look at a few of our Roadside Fun Destinations located right here in Eastern Manitoba.

Manitoba’s Biggest Sturgeon Monument (Dominion City)

Roadside Fun Destination

Located in Dominion City, the Sturgeon Monument is an impressive structure – not just because of the statue itself but the history behind it as well.

The statue is a reproduction and matches the actual size of Manitoba’s biggest sturgeon. Weighing in at 406 pounds, measuring 15 ½ feet long, aged at 150 years, and was a female full of eggs, Sandy Waddell was lucky enough to catch this monster on October 27, 1903, in the Roseau River. The sturgeon was hauled home in a seven-foot democrat by a team of horses, and still, five feet of this monster fish trailed on the ground.

You can find the Sturgeon Monument on 16 Centennial Dr, Dominion City.

White-Tailed Deer Statues (St. Malo)

Roadside Fun Destination

In St. Malo, you will find two charming and adorable White-Tailed Deer Statues! The statues were constructed and placed in honour and recognition of the valuable volunteer assistance provided to the Department of Natural Resources by St. Malo and District Wildlife Association and area residents.

The history dates back to 1985 to 1988 when the first-ever large-scale urban deer relocation program in Canada took place. The program relocated 283 white-tailed deer that were captured and moved from the city of Winnipeg to the St. Malo Wildlife Management Area and surrounding region. Dedicated residents provided assistance and equipment to aid in the transportation of the deer through countless volunteer time and financial resources that helped establish St. Malo and Rat River Wildlife Management Areas.

In 2015 the statues were removed when a developer purchased the land they were on. But fortunately, they have returned to a new location in St. Malo for all to enjoy! You can find the two White-Tailed Deer Statues on the corner of Highway 59 and Avenue De La Grotte, St. Malo.

Grunthal Bison (Grunthal)

This Roadside Fun Destination is a magnificent monument located in Grunthal and was erected in 1995 by the Grunthal Chamber of Commerce to celebrate the tourism brought to the area by the Cottonwood Corner Game Farm, a bison and elk farm once open to the public.

You can find the Grunthal Bison just northwest of Grunthal on Highway 205/216.

“Brissette” the Cow Statue (La Broquerie)

Is there any better way to celebrate being Manitoba’s largest milk-producing center than creating a large cow statue? I can’t think of one!

Located in La Broquerie, you will find Brissette the Cow who was built in 1983 to represent and honour La Broquerie as the largest milk producer in Manitoba. Brissette is 12 feet long and stands 6 feet high!

Recently, Brissette had a much-needed repair job and has been relocated to be in front of the La Broquerie Hotel on 3 Des Pignons Street, and she even has a street named after her!

1931 Rolls Royce (Steinbach)

Do you love big, giant statues and cars? Then you’ll love Steinbach’s 1931 Rolls Royce replica! This Roadside Fun destination measures up to 40 feet in length, 12 feet wide, and 12 feet high, and is visually spectacular while marking and commemorating the “Automobile City” coined by Steinbach.

You can find the 1931 Rolls Royce along highway 12 near Harvest Honda.