Road Trip to Emerson Franklin

Road Trip to the RM of Emerson Franklin

Road Trip to the RM of Emerson Franklin Will End Those Winter Blues!

We’re sure you are tired of winter, but there is still so much to do while we still have the opportunity to explore our winter wonderland! Enjoy a road trip to the RM of Emerson Franklin to say goodbye to winter blues, hello winter fun!

Bridgehill Pottery Shop

During your road trip to the RM of Emerson Franklin, connect with your inner artist and learn the art and skill of pottery at Bridgehill Pottery Shop.

Whether you’re an experienced potter, curious about learning, or a newbie to the art of clay, Bridgehill Pottery Workshop welcomes you to their studio. Through workshops, you can learn the basics of pottery and continue advancing your clay knowledge. Discover your creative side through the many designs, techniques, forms, and colours.

Along with honing your creative side, you can also view some of Bridgehill’s beautiful artwork!

Hidden Valley Haven

Hidden Valley Haven offers guests and visitors a place to set their worries aside and let nature heal the soul. With their beautiful, relaxing cottage property, located on their family farm, it’s a space where your mind can wander among the trees, animals (such as horses and goats), wildlife and the Roseau River, offering a nourishing atmosphere of tranquillity.

Not only does the Haven offer a truly rejuvenating accommodation, but also retreats and programs. The Haven is always coming up with new events, so check out their website or social media for updates before they fill up! They are currently developing the Light in Me program, which focuses on giving some frontline/healthcare professionals a much-needed space to rest, be in nature, rejuvenate and reconnect themselves. Check out their website to learn about the program and find out how you can support this program for the people who heroically served our communities during our trying times.

Crow Wing Trail/Swinging Bride

Don’t let the snow hold you back from hiking! During the colder months, you’ll find many of Eastern Manitoba’s trails turn into breathtaking winter wonderlands – making it like a whole new trail!

The section of the Crow Wing Trail in the RM of Emerson-Franklin is magnificent! This trail is part of the Crow Wing Trail/Trans-Canada Trail and offers various scenic beauty. With a mix of prairie landscape, some forest coverage, a gorgeous view of the Roseau River paired with the Senkiw Swinging Bridge, and even some historic farm sites, you’ll never want to leave this trail!

A fun fact about the Senkiw Bridge is that it is the oldest swinging cable bridge in Manitoba! Built in 1946, it was constructed to enable students living on the south side of the river to attend Senkiw School on the north side. It replaced the hand-powered basket and pulley system that had been used since 1916. For more historical facts about the bridge, please follow this link.


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Last Stop! Grab Tasty Food at The Depot

Finish your road trip to the RM of Emerson Franklin at The Depot (located at Emerson Golf Course), which offers visitors a place to enjoy mouthwatering food and fun-filled events! Enjoy all the greats like fried chicken, burgers, fish and chips, salads, wraps, and more! And check out their social media to see their upcoming events like Karaoke, bingo, music nights and more!