Pioneering our Future: Eastman Tourism Development Conference

Have you heard the news? Eastman Tourism has an exciting conference coming up! From April 12 to 15, participate in the Pioneering our Future: Eastman Tourism Development Conference, where you discuss and determine what we can do to enhance tourism in the region with like-minded people.

If you own a tourism business (existing or new), part of a tourism committee, an economic development agency, an event or attraction organization, a non-profit, or part of a local council, you will find this conference a beneficial experience where you can learn, network, and have your voice heard.

Eastern Manitoba is a sought-after tourism destination for the many attractions, events, and experiences available, yet the Eastman region’s tourism potential is far from being reached. Eastman Tourism and Community Futures Winnipeg River (CFWR), in partnership with our neighbouring CF offices and key tourism sector agencies, aims to strengthen the Tourism Sector in Eastern Manitoba.

The conference’s main purpose is to better equip and position the local communities and tourism businesses to increase visitor attraction to the Eastman Region. By enhancing knowledge, enabling access to available resources, and motivating communities and businesses to work together, we will increase the ability to respond to tourism opportunities. After the conference, the partner agencies will continue to assist tourism agencies/businesses in meeting their own goals for development, expansion, or succession.

Tourism was growing before the pandemic, and it will thrive again after. We need to be responsive to current conditions and prepare for future growth in the Eastman region and beyond.

The conference consists of one international speaker, nine dynamic speakers, ten educational workshops, one-panel discussion, and one special announcement.

Your presenters over the four-day conference are:

Doug Lansky has spent 20 years as a travel journalist, editor, and author, along with giving acclaimed lectures at nearly 100 universities, given two TEDx Talks, presented at National Geographic, and much more.

Celes Davar is a tourism operator, facilitator, practitioner, and experiential tourism coach, creating innovative experiences with community partners to surprise and delight travellers.

Allan Dubyts is a Trainer, e-learning specialist, and Entrepreneur. Learning is his true passion. He has an intense curiosity, with a need to understand and solve problems. Add to this someone who is very driven and imaginative, and you get an innovator and idea generator.

Ben Dueck is a born and raised Manitoban who grew up in a family of entrepreneurs where his interest in leadership development was born. For the past 20 years, he has worked with leaders in both the business and non-profit world to help them succeed.

Frank Atnikov has over 30 years of experience and a passion for helping people succeed. His job is to make your job easier. As an experienced facilitator, coach, and consultant, Frank brings fresh eyes to what’s holding you back.

Lesley Gaudry is a community economic development and tourism professional with over a decade of experience working in Ontario and Manitoba. Her responsibilities have included project management, product development, marketing and outreach, research, writing, strategic planning, organizational health, and facilitation.

Cody Chomiak is responsible for leading marketing as it relates to Economic Development Winnipeg and Tourism Winnipeg. He plans and executes strategic marketing plans to grow the economy through business and talent attraction and visitation. Cody has an extensive background in marketing, branding, graphic design, and advertising.

Sylvie Foidart is a graduate of the Tourism Management program at the University of Saint-Boniface. She currently holds the position of Tourism Product Development Coordinator at CDEM. Through her 15 years of experience in the industry, she has made many connections with tourism professionals and life experiences.

Alex Krosney Is a data-driven and strategy-focused digital marketer with a passion for her home province. Since joining Travel Manitoba as Senior Digital Marketing Manager in 2016, she has been dedicated to showcasing Manitoba across the internet as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Holly Courchene is a member of the Peguis First Nation, will lend her expertise to supporting Manitoba Indigenous tourism operators in their product development activities. An entrepreneur herself, Holly believes in building economies for Indigenous people and supporting local businesses in finding success in their endeavours.

Now more than ever, we have learned how to adapt, be savvy, and learn new skills. Over the course of the conference, you can experience various workshops that will help your endeavours grow and thrive!

  • Earth Rhythms Experiential Tourism
  • Growth Made Simple
  • What’s the Plan: Moving Forward with Community-Based Tourism
  • Francophone Tourism: An Opportunity to Expand Your Economy
  • Succession Planning for Success
  • Creating & Transforming Experiences into Virtual Content
  • Reaching the Right Audience Online
  • Indigenous Tourism Development

Visit our website,, to learn more about our speakers, presentations, workshops, schedule, and, of course, to register your spot on this fantastic resource.

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