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Membership has its Benefits

Did you know that Tourism is a $138 Million yearly industry in Eastern Manitoba? These tourism dollars are spent on everything from accommodations to fuel, and groceries to fine art.

Did you know that you don’t have to be a designated tourism business to earn some of this revenue for yourself, but also help your community thrive and grow?

Tourism in Manitoba is growing and you can be a part of that whether you own a gas station or a repair shop, a grocery store or an art studio, all you need to do is market to the right people and become part of the growing Eastman Tourism Partners.

About Eastman Tourism

Mission Statement | Why we exist

Eastman Tourism strengthens the tourism industry by developing, marketing and building capacity of regional assets and travel opportunities.

Vision Statement | What we desire for the future

Eastern Manitoba is a premiere tourism destination where travelers are openly welcomed and entrepreneurial spirits prosper.

Guiding Principles | How we intend to go about our business 

COLLABORATION We believe in the power of teamwork and will work in partnerships to maximize impact.

LEADERSHIP We will lead in developing and marketing Eastern Manitoba’s tourism experiences and in providing support to maximize tourism potential.

ACCOUNTABILITY We will deliver what is promised and will continually strive to improve productivity and overall efficiency.

SUSTAINABILITY We will contribute to the economic, social, cultural and environmental well-being of Eastern Manitoba.

Organizational Aims | Key services we provide and functions we perform

  • Act as the central agency and collective voice as the official Regional Tourism Association in Eastern Manitoba.
  • Provide quality visitor information through a wide variety of regional marketing initiatives.
  • Provide support to local tourism operators, agencies and events to enhance/develop knowledge, skills, and quality.
  • Assist with tourism product development by bringing additional resources, products, experiences, jobs and businesses into the region.
  • Facilitate networking, collaborations, partnerships and opportunities within communities, related agencies, and operators that strengthen the tourism industry.

Membership Benefits

Your Eastman Tourism Membership benefits include:

  • Assist you with tourism experience development
  • Assist you with identification and preparation of grant and funding sources
  • Participation in co-op marketing programs
  • Business listing on the Eastman Tourism website directing visitors to your website
  • Interactive map pin (GPS Coordinates needed for this benefit.)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Monthly Industry E-Newsletter
  • Representation at Trade Shows (provide us with marketing material and/or merchandise to distribute)
  • Networking and information sharing opportunities
  • Reduced rates for seminars, workshops, events, and advertising (20% off guide ad)
  • Access to reference material, statistics and photo library
  • Access to provincially recognized education and training
  • Tourism Award Nomination where appropriate
  • Working with staff and volunteer Board to develop tourism in the Eastern Region
  • Voting privileges at the Annual General Meeting (one vote)
  • Other benefits as determined by the Board of Directors
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