Looking for Adventure? We Have Just the Thing

When you visit Eastern Manitoba, you’ll never be bored. Fill your summer and year with adventures, excitement, and family like never before.

Have you heard the big news? Eastman Tourism has released Digital Visitor Guide, so you can discover all the fun that waits for you here. While we are still creating intriguing articles for you here on this site, we have recently taken our annual Visitors Guide digital with fantastic articles all about our Eastman destinations.

The Eastern region of the province is rich with opportunities for exploration and experiences. Join us this summer to explore the vibrant boreal forest, pristine waterways, and welcoming communities that will make you feel like part of the family.

Below are three of our favourite articles that give great ideas of how to seize the adventures.


  • Stay home if you have been travelling or do not feel well. Here is an excellent resource if you are quarantined. This will help you find people in Manitoba who are willing and able to help you while quarantined. Help Next Door Manitoba
  • Go out with people within your household, but practice social distancing (2 metres away) with other groups.
  • Please call ahead before visiting a business and inquire about their regulations to enter the building, such as capacity, sanitation, etc. Also, consider using curbside pickup where possible.
  • Please practice Leave No Trace. Clean up after yourself and leave nothing behind, such as trash and waste.

Reconnect with Picnics

It’s the simple things that make remarkable memories – especially when you’re with family. Bring the tradition of picnics into your family to reconnect, taste, sip and savour your way through these 16 Yogi-approved picnic destinations in Eastman that will fill your whole summer.

Visit a new community each week to taste what Eastern Manitoba is made of; comfort foods, diverse cuisines, chug-worthy drinks, delightful desserts, and so much more!

52 Things to Do in Eastern Manitoba for a Year of Adventure, Challenges, and Fun

Don’t just plan for summer; plan for the whole year! Each week you can experience a new thrilling adventure, whether it’s summer or winter, fall or spring.

The Eastman region provides an endless supply of amazing adventures, challenges and fun for the entire family. We created a list of 52 things to do all across the Eastman region that will allow you to immerse yourself in our culture and heritage, discover our thrilling adventures, and lead you to peaceful enjoyment.

No matter how you take your adventure, we’ve got it here in the Eastman. Welcome to our home; we hope you enjoy your time with us!

Pioneer Village Museum

Harvest the past, sow the future. That’s the Pioneer Village Museum’s motto, and they do a fantastic job at it! Established in 1967, the Pioneer Village Museum (owned by the Broken Beau Historical Society) recreated a small rural Manitoba community in the early 1900s. Be transported back in time and take in the magnificent sights like the railway station, barbershop, blacksmith shop, a school, pioneer home, and much more.

Years ago, most of the pioneers of this region were of Polish, Ukrainian, or German descent, coming from the areas known as Galicia and Volhynia. These pioneers had to face many hardships in carving out the wilderness and learning to adapt to a new way of life. Many artifacts (over 300) depicting the early pioneers of the surrounding area’s lifestyle are located in the Museum’s buildings.