Ideas & Resources for 5 School Subjects

With COVID-19 closing events, tourism attractions, and most importantly, schools, we here at Eastman Tourism are changing things up.

We don’t know how long schools will be closed for, so you might have to add your children’s education to your to-do list for awhile. We want to help make things a little easier for you and your kids by creating this list of online resources and ideas for your child’s education.



IXL focuses on teaching and developing your child’s Math and English needs. Starting at Junior Kindergarten all the way through to Grade 12! They offer over 4,500 skills for you child to learn that can be done right on the computer.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers free courses for Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Economic & Finance, Computer Skills, Arts & Humanities and much more! While they do offer classes for younger students, this website is geared towards high school students.



Scholastic is offering free 20 days worth of Learn at Home active learning activities! They have packages from PreK to Grade 9. We put Scholastic in the English section as many of the activities are reading the free online books they offer on their website, but your child will learn lots about Science, animals, music, Social Studies, and much more!

Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read is a fun and creative way to teach your child the alphabet, sounds, and reading! The computer version is free and is for PK to K grades.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is a great way to get your child’s imagination going and practice words that they are just learning, grammar, sentence structure, and much more!

It’s especially great for your older kids! Give them a topic to write about, show them a picture and have them write about the people or things that are in it, or even just tell them to be as creative as they can be.


This one is obvious, but worth noting. Let your little ones read their favorite story to you! Have your older kids read the classics like Little Women, Black Beauty, Animal Farm, Our Town, and all the other greats! Then they can write a book report.

You can even contact your local library and see what E-Books they are lending out.


Science Fun – Cool Experiments

The Science Fun is operated in North Carolina, so well you may not be able to partake in their camps and field trips (nor should you with the pandemic we are facing), you can take full advantage of the free science experiments they offer!

Open Culture

Open Culture has thousands of free courses for children of every age! It has every subject that you can dream of and it works with the top universities to create these classes.

Open Learn

Open Learn is perfect your teen. They have tons of subjects with thousands of course!


Gardening season is just around the corner! This can be a cool and fun way for your child to learn about plant life, bugs and insects, and an amazing hobby!

Teach your child about photosynthesis, about bees and what they do for our world, or even about the weather.

Gardening also teaches children how to be organized, caring and gentle, patient, responsible and much more!

It also gives your child a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. They are growing something from a tiny little seed to something big and beautiful. Plus they’ll be out outside being active!


I know what you’re thinking “why is this in the science section?”, because learning can be fun! When the weather warms up, take your child for a nice walk and see what you can find. What animals do you see? What are they doing? Why are they doing it? Why are the birds coming back? Are bugs back yet? Why or why not?

There are so many things that your child can learn about just outside your door!

Social Studies


Education has many online schooling opportunities for grades PK to 5. Among the courses they offer are Social Studies, Math, Arts, Foreign Languages, English, Science, Social Emotional, Coding Games, and Typing.


Coursera is the perfect learning website for your teens! Coursera works with over 190 leading universities and companies to bring free education right to your home. They have over 3,900 courses available that include Social Studies, English, Science that include data and computer sciences, Business, Language Learning, Information Technology, Health, Math and Logic, Physical Science and Engineering, and Arts and Humanities.

Learn about Your Community’s History

You may be surprised by how much history and culture there is in your very own community! If you have one, check out your local museum’s website to get cool information about how your town came to be.

Or even call or email your local library and see if there are are any E-Books you could lend about your community. The results may shock you!

Things you can ask your child is: What were some of the buildings then? Are they still here today? Are they different? How? What families are still here today? How many different cultures were there? You can even learn about those specific cultures!

Or have them write about how life in your community would have been like years and years ago.

Virtual Tours

Places around the world have been adding virtual tours of their museums. It might not be as good as seeing artifacts, paintings, animals, landmarks, ancients cities, and more in person, but the ‘wow’ factor and the education is still there!


Playing Outside

Ok, we have all seen those memes that say “day three of homeschooling and the children are in mandatory recess time”, but . . . is that a bad thing? Yes, your children still needs school, but outside time will do them (and you) some good!

Not only is physical fitness important for your child, but also the discoveries and creativity that happens while they are outdoors. Have your child create snowmen or sculptures; when the weather gets better, have your child watch for the different birds migrating.


Search online for exercise routines that you and your child can do together! The best part is they will probably be so tuckered out after that they might even go for nap!


Udemy has any course you can think of, but they also have excellent health classes! This is perfect for your older children who not only want to be active, but how to do it properly.

Udemy also has some course for younger children, but your tweens and teens will get the most out of using this website.

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