Hot This Week: Family Activities you can do at Home

You may not be able to go out to events or partake in public activities, but there are limitless options of family things to do right at home!

Enjoy the beautiful weather from your back yard, perform daily tasks, or even get artsy with the help of your kids. The important part is just spending time with the family!

*Disclaimer* Time in nature has not been cancelled, but we must be responsible to help everyone stay safe and healthy! Here are some guidelines to follow while exploring your community:

  • Stay home if you have been traveling or do not feel well. Here is a great resource if you are quarantined. This will help you find people in Manitoba who are willing and able to help you while quarantined. Help Next Door Manitoba
  • Go out with your family, but practice social distancing with other groups.
  • Stay within your community. Please do not travel to other communities.
  • Stay off play structures in parks and schools.
  • Social Distancing can be easier in rural communities because we live farther apart from each other. If you live in a condo or apartment, please follow the guidelines provided to you to ensure you keep your social distance from you neighbors.

Outdoor Games

Spring is here, and it looks like the nice, warm weather is staying! Here are some great ideas you and the whole family can do right in your back yard!

  • Fire-up the grill! Barbeque some paddies, hot dogs, steaks, or whatever the family wants!
  • Cuddle-up by a bonfire. This one is usually a family go-to, and they’re so much fun! Not to mention all the yummy food you can roast over the fire!
  • Jump in puddles. It’s hard to believe how fun this activity can be – no matter how old you are! Bring out the child inside of you and go jumping in puddles with your kids.
  • Set-up a scavenger hunt. Grabs some cheap trinkets and hide them all over the yard with clues to find the next one. Your kids will have loads of fun!
  • Make a mini golf course. This one is fun for kids of all ages – even those moody teens! You can use everyday items right in your house. Check out for some ideas.

Practice Life Skills

Teach your kids important life skills – all the while having fun!

  • Reading. If you have younger children, you can read out loud to them or have them read at their grade level. For your older kids, have them read the classics, one of your favourite books (and in turn, you can read their favourite book), or even start a family book club!
  • Cooking and/or baking. Have your kids pick something easy for dinner and have them make it! And they can’t forget the yummy desserts!
  • Do some fun science experiments. This one is educational, but so much fun! Your kids will love it and be amazed by all the cool things that happen. Check out for easy experiments you can do at home.
  • Changing a tire. Even if your child is young, they will probably think it’s pretty cool. For younger kids, have them stand back and simply watch. Older kids (namely older teens) can help or even to do the task themselves as you pay close attention.
  • How to sew. Teach your kids how to patch up their tattered clothes, build a stuffed animal

Games and Crafts

There are so many different games and crafts you and the whole family can do together!

  • Origami. Kids of all ages can partake in this craft! Make all sorts of origami figures, from dinosaurs, boats, to your child’s favourite animal!
  • Creative writing. Sit the whole family down and create a story or play! After your masterpiece is complete, you can even act it out together.
  • Try out yoga and/or exercise. You’re never too young to try out yoga or stay fit with some exercises!
  • Magic tricks. Put your wizard hats on and try out some magic tricks!
  • Build a fort. Who doesn’t love building a fort? Get creative, wacky, and dare I say, childish and create the best fort you can!
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