Eat in Eastman: Beausejour


Eat in Eastman: Beausejour is a Foodie’s Dream Come True

Adventures can be many things. They can be thrilling, relaxing, heart-pounding and refreshing, but perhaps the best adventures are the tasty ones! When you visit Beausejour, you’ll enter a world of tasty goodness, amazing meals, charming staff, and unbeatable, homey environments that welcomes you to this wonderful community.

Beausejour is home to quite a few incredible restaurants, and this list is just the beginning of what Beausejour’s restaurants can offer you! Visit Beausejour’s website and find them on the Driftscape app for free to explore the wonders of this beautiful community.

Enjoy a Delicious Lunch at the Airliner Drive-in

With a homey atmosphere, outstanding staff, delicious food, and maybe even a few airplanes, the Airliner Dive-in is one restaurant you can’t pass on!

A drive-in with more, The Airliner Drive-In serves mouth-watering burgers, wraps, perogies, hot dogs, Manitoba pickerel sandwiches, and so much more! With veggie, meat lover, and children options, the whole family will find something they can’t resist and meet their dietary needs! And the best has part has yet to come; all their meat is 100% fresh, and the ingredients are all-natural, so you don’t have to question what you’re eating!

Have a Mouth-watering, Unique Dinner with Collins’ House

At Colins’ House, you can have sinfully delicious, unique meals that are fresh and flavourful with Latin and Asian influence.

Have you ever heard the saying “this place isn’t big enough for the both of us”? Well, at Colins’ House, this is certainly not the case. In a backyard just outside of Beausejour, the “The Colins” came face to face for the first time across a homemade beer pong table. A friendship instantly sparked, and within a couple of hours, an idea was born.

Together, Colin Dick and Colin Davey created and now operate Colins’ House. Dedicated to Manitoba farmers and sourcing quality local ingredients, you can experience too-good-to-be-true food with all the right ingredients.

With crispy things like beet and yam chips and russet fries, classic tacos, butter chicken, falafel salad, and more, you get a classic taste with a wonderful twist.


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Coffee, Snacks & Treats

Looking for that perfect slice of dessert? Then Le Beau Café & Fudgerie is the perfect place for you! You can enjoy never frozen, made the day of treats and, just like the fudge, the menu changes every day! With over 300 flavours of fudge made right in-house, every visit has a new treat waiting for you.

Pennyweight Market is your modern general store with a café/ice cream bar twist. Serving up some of the best coffee creations in the region, this is a must-visit for coffee and treat lovers alike! During your visit, don’t forget to browse the shop full of bulk candy, teas, and spices, as well as various Manitoba-made products. At Pennyweight, they really do have a little bit of everything!

Looking for an Activity?

Beausejour is home to many fantastic restaurants and adventures, activities and events! If you’re looking for something extra to add to your foodie adventure, then a visit to The Manitoba Glass Works Site and Wally Chryplywy Nature Park are a must.

The Manitoba Glass Works site is a provincially designated heritage site where you can dive into the history of the first glass container factory in Western Canada. Explore the ruins of a factory that once employed 350 people and produced 15,000 to 20,000 jars, medicine and ink bottles per week between 1906 and 1914. You may even be lucky to find some glass remnants from the early 1900s!

Located near the Manitoba Glass Works Factory is the Wally Chryplywy Nature Park. This park encompasses the original silica sandpits, which supplied the glass factory, and features 5 km of nature trails perfect for walking, hiking, and biking. In addition, the park provides a four-season trail that allows for cross-country skiing during the winter months. The trail is simply breathtaking and is a great way to enjoy nature in the community of Beausejour.


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