Eastman’s Hot This Week: March 2 to 8

Decide what your adventure will be this week! Start your engines and head over to Beausejour for the 58th Annual Canadian Power Toboggan Championships; or check out Grunthal and Victoria Beach for their Winter Carnivals! Test your survival knowledge with ICSOS at one of the courses happening this week! And if you’re craving chili this week then Beausejour has you covered for their Chamber Eats Chili Contest!

Chamber Eats Chili Contest

March 2 to 8 – Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce – Beausejour

Visit the 10 participating restaurants from March 2 to 8 to taste delious chili! Voting for Chamber East Chili Contest can be done on the Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page, or at the town office from March 2 to 9 8:30am-4:30pm.

Restaurants participating are: Annette’s Restaurant – Annette’s OLD Fashion Chili, Blue Haze Barbecue & Catering – The Dutch Oven, Colins’ House – C1 Thai Chili, CPTC Races – It’s Chili Outside, Garson Route 44 Eatery – Route 44 Chili, Le Beau Café – Pumpkin Chili, Pennyweight Market Inc. – Chocolate Chili Sundae, Rivers Edge Golf & Country Club – Kati’s Chili Con Carne, Subway – Spicy Cheese Topped Chili, and Tim Hortons – Timmies Chili.

Wilderness Safety & Survival Level 4

March 2 to 6 – ICSOS – Alexander

ICSOS’ Wilderness Safety & Survival training program is a progressive set of courses that aim to develop your skills and confidence in the wilderness, and specifically should you find yourself in a survival situation.

Level 4 – Solo Survival
This 5 day adventure will give you a new perspective on life and survival. You will have two days of advanced survival instruction which leads to a 3 day solo survival adventure. Passive survival is the name of the game and advanced techniques will be introduced. You will experience some or all of the enemies of survival. This experience is very similar to a vision quest.

Wildlife Awareness & Predator Safety

March 7 – ICSOS – Alexander

Whether working or playing in the wilderness, ICSOS’ Wildlife Awareness & Predator Safety course is a must.

Predators can be a real threat especially to the sick, injured, young, and for dogs accompanying humans in the wild. Most remote cabins, lodges, and workers have non-lethal and lethal ways of protecting themselves from aggressive animals. It pays to be prepared.

Become acquainted with the major animal groups of the Boreal forest and learn which are nuisances, harmless, and possibly dangerous. Learn what to do to avoid a dangerous encounter, and how to react should you encounter a dangerous animal. Practice using animal deterrents and commonly available firearms.

Wolf Howl Hike

March 7 – Whiteshell Provincial Park – Betula Lake

Join a Park Interpreter as you trek through the forest to discover a little more about the timber wolf. Along the way, you will howl for wolves and listen for their calls.

58th Annual Canadian Power Toboggan Championships

March 7 & 8 – Canadian Power Toboggan Championships – Beausejour

If you love racing and snowmobiles then you will love the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships! This 1/2 mile oval ice-covered track is not just one of the world’s safest and oldest tracks, but also the fastest. Compete or even sit in the stands with your family as you watch 18 people travelling over 170 km/h on snowmobiles.

Cold Water Immersion

March 8 – ICSOS – Alexander

If you plan to (or might) be on the ice this winter, ICSOS’ Cold Water Immersion course will prepare you for possible – and all too deadly – danger of falling through.

If you’re going to travel on the ice, you better be prepared to go through it! Knowing your reaction could make all the difference! Practice in a real world environment (it ain’t a pool, and those are your regular ol’ clothes) under safe and controlled conditions with professional instructors.

ICSOS guides their students how to overcome an unexpected plunge into natures ice and water. Their professional instructors teach you the 1-10-1 principle and get you to jump in 1, 2, 3 times and practice pulling yourself to safety different ways with or without help.

More Eastman Greatness

You don’t have to be a local to take part in one of these great community events. Stop on in, try something new, and make some great friends!

March 2 – Yoga with Fran – Lac du Bonnet

March 2 – Mature Adult Exercise Classes – Lac du Bonnet

March 3 – Stories Under Your Skin – Lac du Bonnet

March 4 – Rhythmic Gymnastics: Grades 1 and Up – Lac du Bonnet

March 5 – Rhythmic Gymnastics: 4 and 5 Year Olds – Lac du Bonnet

March 5 – Rhythmic Gymnastics: 3 Year Olds – Lac du Bonnet

March 5 – 40/30/20 – Lac du Bonnet

March 5 – Drop In Skating – Beausejour

March 5 – Pucks & Sticks Drop In – Beausejour

March 6 – Public Skating – Beausejour

March 6 – Grunthal Winter Carnival – Grunthal

March 6 to 8 – Waverley Y.A. Winter Retreat – Rennie

March 7 – Forest Club at Falcon Ridge – Falcon Lake

March 7 – 10th Annual Vintage Snowmobile Show & Shine and 25-Mile Ride – Woodridge

March 7 – Children & Parents Snowshoeing – Birds Hill Provincial Park

March 7 – Youth & Adult Snowshoe Adventure – Birds Hill Provincial Park

March 7 – Niverville Health and Community Foundation Dinner and Dance – Niverville

March 7 – Club Ride and Wrap up – Elk Island

March 8 – Sprague & District Museum Annual Fundraiser – Sprague

March 8 – Snow Much Fun Winter Carnival – Victoria Beach

March 8 – Old Time Dance – Garson

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