Eastman’s Hot This Week: January 6 to 12

It’s the beginning of a year and the communities of the Eastman Region are ready to start it off with a bang! This week go on Snowshoe Adventures at Pinawa, Whiteshell and Birds Hill; or try your hand at barbequing in St. Malo for their BBQ Class. Grab your brightest neon clothes for Blacklight Bootcamp to work up a sweat and have loads of fun!

Feed Your Soul Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat

January 10 to 12 – Moon Gate Guest House – Whitemouth

Ahh. Take a slow, deep breath…winter is here. Everywhere around you, the natural world is withdrawing, going dormant, and embracing a long, dark, season of slumber. The stillness that characterizes winter signals us to redirect our own energies inward. It is a time to rest and reflect. Winter is considered to be a Kapha season with strong Vata undertones. However, in the Canadian Prairies, Vata is a strong component of winter. So overall, it is recommended to follow Kapha and Vata pacifying guidelines during winter.

Ayurveda will teach you at the Feed Your Soul Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat that like increases like and that opposites balance. The seasons are characterized by the cycles of Vata, pitta, and Kapha. Maintaining good health and balance during all four seasons requires living in harmony with the doshic cycles. The food we eat, the type and amount of exercise we do and the clothes we wear, should all correspond to the seasons.

Cross-country Ski Clinics

January 11 – Birds Hill Provincial Park

Have you ever wanted to know how to properly cross-country ski or need to brush up on your skills? Bring your ski equipment to the Cross-country Ski Clinic and join the Park Interpreter and certified instructors from CANSI (Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors) as you discover how to explore the park in the winter season.

Snowshoe Adventure

January 12 – Whiteshell Provincial Park

Snowshoe along with a Park Interpreter as you venture to the scenic Pine Point Rapids and discover what makes a Whiteshell winter special. At the rapids, you will warm up in the shelter with hot chocolate. They provide the snowshoes, or bring your own!

More Eastman Greatness

You don’t have to be a local to take part in one of these great community events. Stop on in, try something new, and make some great friends!

January 6 to 12 – 10th Annual Festival des Creches! – St. Georges

January 6 – BBQ Class – St. Malo

January 9 – Drop-In Skating – Beausejour

January 9 – Pucks & Sticks Drop-In – Beausejour

January 10 – Public Skating – Beausejour

January 10 & 11 – Full Moon Snowshoe Adventure – Pinawa

January 10 to 12 – Thrifty Car Wash Men’s Bonspiel – Beausejour

January 11 – Blacklight Bootcamp – Pinawa

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