Eastman’s Hot This Week: January 13 to 19

The Eastern Regions of Manitoba booming with events for you, friends, family, and everybody! Enjoy a delicious 5-course meal, wine and beer in Buffalo Point for Chef’s Choice 7! Sign up for the numerous activities that Winnipeg River Recreation has organized for people of every age. Check out the multiple musical performances happening all over the Eastman!

Yoga with Fran

January 13 – Centennial School Library – Lac du Bonnet

Hatha Yoga refers to a set of physical poses (asanas) designed to align the muscles and bones and open the many energy channels of the body, especially the spine so that energy can flow freely. Hatha yoga is intended to create a balance of strength and flexibility in the body as well as a balance of effort and surrender in each pose. A powerful tool for self-transformation, Hatha yoga requires that one pay special attention to the breath, which helps calm the fluctuations of the mind. This allows the practitioner to become more present in the unfolding of each moment, resulting in more awareness and relaxation. This style of yoga provides a great stretch and strengthens the body.

Chair Yoga

January 14 – W.B. Lewis Centre – Pinawa

Have you never tried yoga because you felt you were not flexible enough, not strong enough, weren’t good at balance….don’t have enough time?

Is your body suffering from chronic stress and tension that you’ve placed on it from sitting at your desk job all day?
Have you always wanted to try yoga but never had the confidence?

In Chair Yoga, you will be using a mat, props and chairs so that those with limited mobility will be able to benefit from yoga poses adaptations. Even office workers can take advantage of chair yoga’s adaptations to sneak in some stretches at work.
Take an hour from your day and enjoy a relaxing yoga class where the intention is to cultivate mental clarity and calmness; relieve chronic stress patterns in the body along with building physical strength and flexibility.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

January 15 – Centennial School – Lac du Bonnet

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a sport that combines ballet, gymnastics & dance while using apparatus (ball, hoop, rope, ribbon, scarves, etc.) Basic to advanced skills are taught, using a developed program called Prism, in which students will earn pins as they advance.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a fun sport that provides the fundamentals to grow and succeed in dance, gymnastics & figure skating. This sport also lends itself to many other sports. This is a non-competitive program that is inclusive for all girls/boys at any skill level.

There will be themed weeks where they will have different games & activities partnered with Prism Skills. The Prism program is a report card with coloured pins that gymnasts receive as they achieve different skills with each apparatus.

Rhythmic Gymnastics – 3-year-olds.

Rhythmic Gymnastics – 4 and 5 yr olds

Rhythmic Gymnastics – Grades 1 and up

Itty Bitty Yogis

January 15 – Zion Lutheran Church – Beausejour

Itty Bitty Yogis is a story-based children’s yoga program. The little yogis will learn yoga poses and movements through interactive storytelling all while using their imagination and having fun. Children’s yoga increases flexibility, balance, focus, body awareness and much more!

Fresh IE live in LDB!

January 17 – Royal Canadian Legion – Lac du Bonnet

Come and see Fresh IE live and hear songs from the past, and maybe even some from his new blues album ILL Street Blues!

We are at a time when drug abuse, addiction, the meth crisis, and crime to support those habits, has taken over our small communities. It’s not just a “big city” problem anymore.

We are at a time when making good choices, the right choices, seems more critical than ever. Fresh IE brings a message of hope, of healing, and of freedom through the story of his life’s journey, and his own personal pain and struggles. Hear it in his music, in his words, and see him live it!

If you are an aspiring musician or songwriter and would like to get some tips from a pro, there will also be a song/rap writing workshop with Fresh IE himself!

2020 Snowdance Festival of Winter and Music

January 17 to 19 – Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes – Falcon Lake

Find those mittens your grandma made for you. Borrow your roommate’s boots. Put on all your long johns at once. Wear that really cool scarf that brings out the blue in your eyes. And head out to the woods for Snowdance, the wintery music festival at the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes.

Stress Reduction

January 18 – Lac du Bonnet

Do you wish you had more energy at the end of your day?
Would you like better sleep, improved focus, and situational awareness?

Are you looking for ways to feel more balanced, make choices with ease, and feel good about your decisions?

Strengthening personal resilience has become an important strategy for improving personal and organizational effectiveness, productivity, health and well-being. The Resilience Advantage™ workshop provides a practical framework of self-regulation tools, techniques and resilience-building practices that dramatically help individuals gain more poise and clarity in the face of change and overwhelm. Improved composure facilitates clearer thinking and a stronger identity with one’s sense of purpose and core values.

Learn how unmanaged stress affects the functioning of the body, and how we can reduce those effects by incorporating a little self-care.

Vita & Area Winter Festival 2020

January 18 & 19 – Vita

Vita & Area Winter Festival 2020 exciting event brings out everything a Manitoba winter has to offer. Participate or watch outdoor winter sports like skating, skijoring, and sled dog races! Enjoy canteen, sleigh rides, and craft sales. There is something for everyone!

More Eastman Greatness

You don’t have to be a local to take part in one of these great community events. Stop on in, try something new, and make some great friends!

January 13 to 19 – 10th Annual Festival des Creches! – St. Georges

January 13 – Wellness 2020! – Beausejour

January 14 – Whist Night – Lac du Bonnet

January 16 – Drop-In Skating – Beausejour

January 16 – Pucks & Sticks Drop-In – Beausejour

January 17 – Starlight Snowshoe Adventure – Pinawa

January 17 – Friday Night Karaoke! – St. Pierre Jolys

January 18 – Moccasins Making – Anol

January 18- Birthday Card Camp – Île-des-Chênes

January 18 – Vintage Crockery Workshop – Landmark

January 18 – Boreal Snowshoe Adventure – Pinawa

January 18 – UFC 246-Mcgregor VS. Cerrone – Pine Falls

January 18 – Chef’s Choice 7 – 5 Course Dinner – Buffalo Point

January 18 – Starlight Snowshoe Adventure – Pinawa

January 18 – Presley and the Pretenders Band! – St. Malo

January 18 – Women’s Sweatlodge – Anola

January 19 – Family Snowshoe Adventure – Pinawa

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