Discover a Cozy Fall Getaway Gem in Eastern Manitoba

Fall is a cozy, wonderful time of year that seems to spark a sense of stillness as the world around us begins to slow and prepare for the winter months coming. The natural beauty of this season is inspiring, as the colour pallets change to beautiful hues of oranges, reds, and yellows, and no matter how often you have experienced it, you are always awestruck by it. Imagine breaking away from your traditional settings and getting out to surround yourself by this beauty. Eastern Manitoba has an abundance of cozy little getaways to experience. Places where you can sneak away in solitude or break away with your friends or significant other for a rejuvenating weekend getaway. With the busy summer season behind us and the craziness of the holiday season quickly making its approach, now is the time to wrap yourself in a blanket, while sipping some hot chocolate, and just relax with those that bring peace to your life.

Moon Gate Guest House

Nestled on the banks of the Whitemouth River, Moon Gate Guest House provides a truly unique and peaceful retreat. The uninterrupted view of the Whitemouth River will provide you with the spectacular sights of the season providing you with a sense of seclusion. What’s even better is, you don’t even have to venture outside to truly enjoy the natural beauty around you, so it’s the perfect destination for those who don’t like the great outdoors. This eco-friendly, all season, five-bedroom guest house is the perfect destination for your dream getaway. Book a single room, or get a group of your friends together and book all five room, for an amazing weekend getaway. What’s even better is the complete isolation from technology. That’s right, at Moon Gate Guest House you will discount to connect and, in a world, seemingly ruled by the ease of access to technology.

Calder House

Calder House is an amazing, tranquil retreat that can be enjoyed by individuals and couples. This is certainly a great destination for you and your spouse to escape to when the demands of life, work, and family start wearing you down. Imaging arriving at Calder House with the sumptuous smells of your organic dinner baking in the oven, your table set and the wine chilled. After your evening meal, throw on your comfy robe and spend the rest of the evening snuggled in a cozy, comfortable bed. In the morning, forget the alarms and allow yourself to be awoken by the songbirds greeting you, as the aromatic smells of coffee and breakfast waft through your room. When you’re ready, enjoy the packaged spa service that will melt away any tension left in your body.

Pinewood Resort

Nestled in the heart of the Whiteshell Provincial Park, Pinewood Resort offers acres of pristine waters and lush forests to explore. Spend your days hiking the trails that cover granite rock ridges and Black Spruce bog or view awe inspiring shorelines by canoe or boat. By night, curl up in the cozy seclusion provided in one of the private Chalets. Curl up next to the handcrafted fireplace and enjoy the amazing views of Dorothy Lake as the sun sets. Even if you prefer the comforts of the indoors, Pinewood Resort Chalets provide the perfect views of the lake and wildlife that roam the forest surrounding the property.

Crescent Beach Cottages

Crescent Beach Cottages, located in West Hawk Lake, is the ideal year-round destination for families or couples. Enjoy the majestic outdoors with this perfect escape from day-to-day life. Relax inside the hot tub cottages or indulge in one of the more rustic cabins. Formed from a meteor impact, the lake is the deepest in Manitoba and provides a glimmering backdrop for a variety of restaurants and activities that you can take in by day. Enjoy your evenings wrapped up by the fireplace, or enjoy the outdoor firepits for a relaxing evening beneath the stars.

Inverness Falls Resort

Inverness Falls Resort rests in a peaceful, natural setting nestled between Brereton Lake and the meandering Rennie River. Enjoy the great outdoors with complimentary canoes, paddle and row boats, mountain bikes, or snowshoes. Inverness Falls also provides an outdoor hot tub and sauna hut in the winter. You’ll feel right at home in one of the two-bedroom chalets with private whirlpools and fireplaces, and lake views to set the mood for a relaxing and romantic getaway weekend.