Delish Destinations You Have to Visit

Delish Destinations You Have to Visit

Delish Destinations You Have to Visit and Amazing Adventures to do While There

*Feature Image by Mama Joe’s*

Don’t miss out on these delish destinations you have to visit while going on your latest adventure in Eastern Manitoba! Enjoy everything from classic burgers, and flavorful Italian cuisine, to upscale cafés and more!

Fire and Water Bistro (Buffalo Point)

Located in beautiful Buffalo Point Resort, Fire and Water Bistro offers unbelievably tasty food with plenty of things to do afterwards! The Bistro has recently updated their menu, which includes meals like Jalapeno popcorn shrimp, chicken fingers, cheeseburgers, soups and sandwiches, and more!

With the Bistro nestled in Buffalo Point Resort, you could easily spend the entire day here partaking in various activities that are available in and around the Resort. From natural beauty, golf, fishing, trails, beaches, history and culture, and much more, you can explore like never before!

Mama Joe’s (Rennie)

I have one question – who doesn’t LOVE Italian food? Perhaps the ultimate comfort food, while being wholly classic and bursting with flavour from every bite, you can’t go wrong with a meal featuring Italian cuisine. Mama Joe’s, located in Rennie, certainly fits the description above!

At Mama Joe’s, enjoy all your favourites like fettuccine alfredo, lasagna, chicken parm, spaghetti and meatballs, mussels in wine and herb sauce and many more! And of course, you can’t forget about the pizza! Their handmade dough is light, airy, thick and cheesy with a buttery charred crust. And since you’re in Rennie, it’s only fitting to try their Rennenite Pizza with BBQ chicken and bacon!

Rennie, and the surrounding communities in the RM of Reynolds, offer plenty of adventures too! Some activities include Alfred Hole Goose Sanctuary (Rennie), Midwinter Heritage Site (East Braintree), Sandilands Provincial Forest (Hadashville/Richer) and more!

Moon Gate Guest House Pizza Nights (Whitemouth)

Moon Gate Guest House is a charming B&B nestled along the Whitemouth River. But on Friday evenings throughout the summer, Moon Gate opens their home and property to visitors to enjoy authentic wood-fired pizza!

Spend the evening exploring the Moon Gate property surrounded by breathtaking scenery and nature, enjoy the company of friends, the welcoming, wholesome environment, and of course, the pizza! The pizza is made with only the best locally sourced ingredients – some ingredients sourced right on Moon Gate land with their garden.

And you can get more than just pizza too. Moon Gate serves up mouthwatering chicken wings, sourdough bread (both baked in the wood-fired oven), fresh salad with house dressing, organic wheat tortillas, and organic oatmeal cookies for dessert!

Whitemouth and surrounding areas have amazing adventures like Thistlewood Pottery Studio (Whitemouth), Whitemouth Municipal Museum (Whitemouth), Wild Harmony Canoe Adventures (Seven Sisters Falls), Whitemouth Falls Provincial Park (Seven Sisters Falls), and lots, lots more!

The Public Brewhouse and Gallery (Steinbach)

A cool, refreshing drink with fabulous art included? Ummm, YES, please! The Public Brewhouse and Gallery is a microbrewery, tasting room, and rural contemporary art gallery. Serving up delicious beers, positive vibes, and a unique, welcoming environment, Public Brewhouse is an absolute must for your next outing in Steinbach.

During your visit, sip on craft beer while immersing yourself in stunning art by rural artists and playing various board games. And don’t forget to bring your takeout from one of Steinbach’s many fabulous restaurants while visiting The Public Brewhouse and Gallery.

Steinbach also offers TONS of activities to do and adventures to be had before you visit the Brewhouse. Some highlights are the Mennonite Heritage Village, Cloud 9 Ranch, The Puzzler Escape Rooms, and more.

Trail’s End Café (Falcon Lake)

It’s BACK! Trail’s End Café is open for the summer season (July to August), and, boy, do they have some tasty treats, drinks, and food for you to enjoy! Located in Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes in Falcon Lake, indulge in flavorful, satisfying dishes while taking in Falcon Lake’s stunning landscape.

After your adventures on the property, head down to the end of the road and check out this charming little ski chalet coffee shop offering Gourmet coffee/ espresso/ cappuccino, local craft beer and drinks, Kombucha, Chaeban ice cream, lunch snacks and fresh baking.

Some things to do during your visit to Falcon Lake are Falcon Lake Golf Course, Falcon Beach Ranch, paddling and boating, hiking, and much more!

Von Slick’s Finishing Touch

Okay, okay, technically not a destination, but Von Slick’s finishing butters are SO GOOD that it needs an honorary mention in this Delish Blog.

Von Slick’s product line specializes in finishing butters of the utmost detail and flavour that will perfectly and simply enhance any dish! Von Slick’s offers numerous types of finishing butter that have the ability to put your dishes over the top! From sweet to savoury, for breakfasts to dinners, there is a flavour for every occasion – and a butter for every dish!

Von Slicks has recently, in June 2022, won two awards during the Canadian New Products Grand Prix by the Retail Council of Canada! They took home gold in two categories – Dairy and Innovation & Originality, two very well-deserved wins!