Cool Places to Capture Photos

Cool Places to Capture Photos

Cool Places to Capture Photos of Eastern Manitoba’s Beauty

If you are a professional, hobbyist, or enthusiast photographer looking for cool places to capture photos, then Eastern Manitoba is the perfect destination for you!

Whether you’re looking to test and sharpen your skills, add to your portfolio, or just looking for that Instagram-worthy pic, you can find breathtaking spots, majestic wildlife, and gorgeous gems scattered throughout Eastman.

Bannock Point Petroforms (Whiteshell Provincial Park)

*Please Note: Bannock Point Petroforms is a sacred site and remains in use to this day. Please be respectful and mindful not to step on, move, or knock over a petroform. You may see offerings or gifts on the site, such as tobacco or cloth, so do not disturb these offerings and gifts.

This stunning site offers endless opportunities for unique, gorgeous photos and authentic Indigenous experiences and teachings. The site has many petroforms and, to this day, is sacred ground and used as a place for Anishinaabe and Indigenous cultural traditions, teachings and stories.

All are welcomed to explore and experience this treasured land; to walk the trail and land, view the petroforms, wildlife, and nature surrounding the site, and participate and learn about Indigenous culture and teachings.

Don’t just take pictures; make it an experience! Experience first-hand the Indigenous perspective of the Petroforms with Whiteshell Petroforms’ tours and workshops! Your guide Diane will meet you at the trailhead to the Petroform site and provide an overview of the park and share information on Indigenous land uses and histories in the area. As you walk along well-travelled trails, Diane will point out specific Petroforms and share stories and teachings that have been told for thousands of years.


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Rosenthal Nature Park (Mitchell)

Nature, wildlife, history and stunning landscapes, Rosenthal Nature Park has it all.

Years ago, the Park was once the community of Rosenthal. Home to twenty-five families in the 1870s, not only is Rosenthal Park here to preserve the breathtaking beauty of nature but also to preserve the history and artifacts on the site.

Walking trails connects the wetland and upland ecosystems of the Park to wildlife observation areas. The observation areas throughout the Park offer incredible opportunities to experience and photograph wildlife in a comfortable environment.

In the wetland ecosystem, you can discover a lake and a peninsula. This constructed wetland is planted with native aquatic plant species from local donor sites and is an ideal habitat for native and migratory waterfowl, offering great shots of birds and various plants. They even place grassland birdhouses and waterfowl houses throughout the Park, offering waterfowl and shorebird species places to nest.

The upland ecosystem is just as magnificent as the wetlands. Seeded with wildflower mix flourishing into a colourful array of flowering plants, they invite various butterfly species to the area. A forage mix is seeded alongside the existing bushes bordering the northern edge of the Park. This provides the ideal vegetative ground cover for deer foraging.

The Park is more than just a beautiful place; but also has layers of importance to the area. The Park is designed for plant life and wildlife to contribute to greater biodiversity in the area. Rosenthal Nature Park is an innovative model for sustainable development and integrated watershed management. It demonstrates the viability of utilizing the natural functions of wetlands to retain and slow high water flows; reduce surface water runoff in urban and semi-urban areas, and purify water quality with native plant species.

The Park is bursting with life and offers incredible photo opportunities for every season!


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Hansons Creek Trail (Whiteshell Provincial Park)

You can never go wrong with picking up a camera and visiting a trail! Hansons Creek Trail is an out and back, 7.1 km trail and part of the much larger Centennial Trail (connecting Rennie and Caddy Lake). But the most exciting feature on this trail is the charming red bridge you’ll find over the creek at the end of the trail.

Fun fact! The red bridge on this trail was originally in King’s Park in Winnipeg but was relocated and transported by helicopter to the Whiteshell in 2019.

With wildlife and birds throughout the trail, magnificent landscape, and the added touch of a cute bridge, Hansons Creek Trail is a must-visit destination for snapping a few photos!

Hansons Creek Trail is just the beginning of cool places to capture photos along the Centennial Trail. While you can technically continue your hiking/photography journey past the bridge, this will continue your hike on the Centennial Trail System connecting Rennie and Caddy Lake.


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Need Some Tips?

Okay, you have a list of cool places to capture photos, but what’s next if you are just starting out with photography? If you just recently started doing photography, check out our blog, Photography 101, for some tips and techniques. The tips in the blog are just the tip of the iceberg of things to learn about photography, but they are some basic things to keep in mind when on your photoshoot.