Cool Down in Style in Eastern Manitoba

Cool Down in Style in Eastern Manitoba

Cool Down Eastman Style This Summer!

We don’t know if you have noticed, but Manitoba gets HOT during the summer. But there are some fun activities you can do that are sure to cool you down and be a lot of fun! Check out how we here at Eastman stay so cool throughout the summer!

Have a Beach Day

Obviously, the best way to cool down is by having a beach day! In Eastern Manitoba, we have fabulous beaches that will make for a watery, splashtastic day! From forested beaches that are perfect for nature lovers to white sandy beaches that make you feel like you’re on vacation, you’ll have an incredible beach day in Eastman!

Beaches of 59

Birds Hill Provincial Park

Great Woods Park

Lac du Bonnet Town Dock and Beach

Pinawa Beach and Pool

St. Georges Beach

St. Malo Provincial Park

West Hawk Lake

Whiteshell Provincial Park

Find more great places and information about our beaches by visiting our blog, 5 Local Watering Holes to help you Cool Off before Summer’s End.


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Enjoy a Scoop or Two of Ice Cream

Whether you’re looking for a scoop of ice cream to pair with your beach day, or are just on the hunt for the best ice cream, visiting these restaurants and ice cream parlors. Plus, who can turn down a refreshing ice cream cone, sundaes, flurries, and other creative creations of tasty cool treats!

Airliner Drive In – Beausejour

Beausejour Dairy Bar – Beausejour

DE’s Family Grill and Dairy Hut – Lac du Bonnet

Gray’s Station – Grand Beach

Greenway Groceries and Ice Cream – Seven Sisters Falls

The Ladybug Cafe – Lac du Bonnet

Le Gouter – Albert Beach

Nite Hawk Cafe – West Hawk Lake

Pennyweight Market – Beausejour

Sumthing Special – Vita

Tasty Treats – Pine Falls

Town Bake Shop & Ice Cream – Oakbank

Trappers Campground – Alexander

Triple J’s BBQ – St. Malo

Are you looking for some cool tidbits about ice cream? Then check out our blog Celebrate Ice Cream Month with 31 Cool Facts.

Splash Around at Hoopla Island

Are you ready to unleash your inner child? This summer, Hoopla Island is making their way to Manitoba in Eastman’s very own Pinawa. This Wibit frenzied attraction has jumps, slides, climbing walls, swings, trampolines and more that promises a watery good time.

This summer, find yourself on this floating obstacle course where slipping and falling are half the fun! Make it a family affair for laughs, bonding, and creating lasting memories.


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