Chamber Eats Chili Contest

Warm the chill out of your bones in Beausejour for the Chamber Eats Chili Contest! Spend the week trying all the delicious and uniquely made chili dishes that Beausejour restaurants offer. This weeklong festival (March 2 to 8) connects people, communities, and showcases the fun-spirited businesses and people of Beausejour threw everyone’s love of food!

How does it work? Visit the ten restaurants participating in the contest and try their spin on chili, share your experience on social media, and vote for your favorite dish on the Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page, or at the town office from March 2 to 9 (8:30 AM to 4:30 PM). You can even print out or visit the town the office for 10% coupons and use them at the restaurants!

Now, who is competing?

Annette’s Restaurant has created “Annette’s Old Fashion Chili.” Sprinkled with green onions and cheese and served with a twist. Instead of a boring old bowl, they bake a homemade bread bowl!

Blue Haze Barbecue presents “The Dutch Oven.” Their take on a classic style Chili with a Blue Haze twist, using house-ground brisket, fresh chilies topped with a smoked brisket burnt end & sour cream, served with a cornbread muffin.

The Canadian Power Toboggan Championships will be taking part through their event on March 7 and 8 with “It’s Chilli Outside.” Their chili is made of ground beef, kidney beans, a mixture of spices and seasonings, onions, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, topped with shredded cheddar cheese and green onions, with crackers on the side. They also have coupons and voting ballots for the Chamber Eats!

Colins’ House presents the “C1 Thai Chili”. This chili is made of ground beef and pork, fresh Thai herbs and spices, Thai chilis, served with Japanese rice and crispy taro root.

Garson Route 44 Eatery will present their “Route 44 Chili”. Their Chili is made with fresh lean ground beef, black & white chickpeas, fresh chopped tomatoes, red & green onions, green peppers & peas, fresh garlic & ginger, with their special spices, Jalapeño pepper and cheddar cheese served with buttered Naan Bread.

Le Beau Café & Fudgerie presents “Pumpkin Chili.” Pork, pumpkin, apple cider Chili in a bread bowl, topped with blue cheese and sour cream.

Pennyweight Market presents the “Chocolate Chili Sundae.” This sundae is served in a freshly made waffle bowl rimmed with a pennyweight sweet chili sugar, filled with their vanilla soft serve ice cream and topped with a decadent hot chili chocolate fudge topping.

The Rivers Edge Golf & Country Club presents “Kati’s Chili Con Carne.” A blend of different chili peppers, along with various meats, including bacon, Italian sausage and, of course, beef. All simmered together to bring a unique blast of flavour to each & every bite.

Subway’s Spicy Cheese Topped Chili is a ground beef base with diced tomatoes, garlic powder, their SubSpice and dark red kidney beans. All topped with Monterey shredded cheese.

Tim Horton’s presents their “Timmies Chili.” They’re offering a great home-style chilli-like Grandma used to make, loaded with ground beef, kidney beans, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and tomatoes. Try it alone or with some shredded cheese. It comes with whole wheat or rustic bun. You can even have our tasty chili on some yummy potato wedges!

Picking your favorite won’t be easy, but tasting them sure will be! Take the whole family or party with your friends chili-style all week long!

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