Celebrating the Winter Solstice with 21 Images of Eastman Winter

The Winter Solstice starts on December 21 and we are ready to celebrate! Here are 21 photos of the wintery bundle of joy we in the Eastman get to experience.

You never know what you will discover when you go on an adventure! Hike in style with a pair of snowshoes.

Drone shots are always breathtaking!

Imagine sitting back and enjoying this view of sparkling icicles at Powerview Pine Falls Dam.

Grab your snowmobile and a friend and hit those trails! Travel through many different towns in the Eastman and feel the community spirit.

Look at this remarkable guy at Buffalo Point!

A wonderful photo to remind people of the simple beauty of winter.

Navigate through the snowy walls at A Maze in Corn and (hopefully) find the end of the maze.

Who wouldn’t want to drive down this road at Birds Hill Park while the sun is setting?

There are tons of places to take great photos in the Eastman, but Lac du Bonnet’s Pinawa Dam definitely an incredible place to take a few snaps of water.

There are lots of furry friends at Nutimik Lake to meet!

Get out there and moving! Travel the trails at West Hawk Lake to see more beautiful sights like this.

The perfect Manitoba night! Breathtaking view and a nice, warm fire to keep you warm.

This is the best way to enjoy our Winter Wonderland!

One of the most beautiful sights to see in Eastern Manitoba is our Northern Lights!

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that they are running for some yummy treats.

For some photos, the only thing you can say is “wow!”

Let’s be honest, rustic cars are amazing! In this picture not only do you get caught by the beauty of the truck, but also by the scenery.

Who doesn’t love an old barn? Plan a day to go exploring and make some special memories!

Some father/daughter bonding time and the most Canadian thing out there – hockey!

Here is some remarkable skill by Nacy-Lou Ateah. A gorgeous painting of Eastern Manitoba wildlife.

To finish off our list, here is this little cutie saying happy Winter Solstice!

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