Canadian Power Toboggan Championships

On your mark, get set and head over to Beausejour for one of the most exciting races in the Eastman! The 58th Canadian Power Toboggan Championships is a two-day, speed infused, family-friendly event taking place on March 7 and 8. With the world’s fastest and safest 1/2 mile ice oval track, speeds going over 170km/h, and over 100 racers participating, this is a must-see event!

It’s not just power toboggans! There are also Ice Bike races (motorcycles) and talks of adding side by side (SXS) racing! Stay up to date about SXS racing on their website.

Even kids can be racers! See children from 4 to 14 race on either snow or ice tracks.

You might be asking yourself ‘how on earth do they build this amazing track?’. Well it starts in spring with local farmers. These farmers start seeding flax, which is used to line the entire track (it takes about 3,700 bales!); this is what makes the track safe.

The track’s surface is maintain during the summer by draining, leveling and packing after summer events, and of course cutting the grass.

The track requires 12 to 18 inches of ice, this is done by volunteers dumping a load of water on the track and in the pit area. This process takes about a week if the weather is cold enough. So far, 4.5 million gallons of water have gone onto the track!

Anyone and everyone can have fun at the Canadian Power Toboggan Championships – whether you’re racing or a spectator! It truly is a sight to see and is a bucket list must for sledders and spectators alike!

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