Best Fishing Spots in Eastern Manitoba

Fishing is one of the most popular summer activities. We can’t quite explain why, there’s just something about baiting a hook, making the perfect cast and sitting there in the tranquil peacefulness of nature that makes this a restful and rejuvenating past time. Of course, there is always the adrenaline rush of making your first catch or hooking that Master Angler that adds a sense of thrill and adventure to the day.

Fishing is a great way to connect with your family and friends, leaving the city behind and losing the data connection; focusing on creating, developing and maintaining the bond with your loved ones. It’s also an inexpensive hobby to pick up – all you need is a rod, some bait and a license to get started.

If you are out fishing for the first time or considered a Pro Angler, Eastern Manitoba has an abundance of lakes and rivers just waiting for your cast. To help you plan your next fishing trip, we’ve scoped out great locations for you to check out, whether from the shore or boat.

Otter Falls

Located on the northern end of the Whiteshell Provincial Park, Otter Falls is a large natural area that is characterized by numerous lakes, rivers, and rugged Precambrian Shield.

Falcon Lake

Located just off the Trans-Canada Highway, Falcon Lake has become known as the spot to real in Gigantic Northern Pike. The community hot spot is a weed line at the far western corner of the lake.

Traverse Bay

Traveling straight up Highway 59 to the Traverse Bay Road East turnoff will be well worth the trip for a great day of fishing. This is where the Winnipeg River empties into Lake Winnipeg and provides an excellent fishing location for walleye, sauger, smallmouth bass, silver bass and northern pike.

Lac du Bonnet

With over 60 kilometers of rivers and lakes, Lac du Bonnet is one of the hottest spots in Manitoba to make a cast! Try your luck fishing along the banks of the Winnipeg River, or head on out to the Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association’s Trout Pounds, located on Highway 11.

Mennonite Landing

This historic site located on Provincial Road 200 is a quiet fishing destination that the locals and guides say is the best in the area. This is where the Rat River flows into the Red River, and walleye are the bulk of the catch.


If you’re looking to catch bullhead, carp, channel catfish, drum bass, silver bass, goldeye, mooneye, sauger, or walleye then head on out to the shores of the Red River in Emerson, Manitoba.

Eastman’s Biggest Bodies of Water

Many of the locations we’ve listed above will take you out fishing on one of our two biggest bodies of water, The Winnipeg River, and the Red River. Along the waterway, you will find an abundance of great fishing locations, small cozy towns with all the amenities you need, and tons of great scenery to complete your trip.

The Winnipeg River

The Winnipeg River winds for 235 kilometers northwest from Lake of the Woods, Ontario to the mouth of Lake Winnipeg near Fort Alexander. There are many excellent fishing spots along the way. According to master angler’s and enthusiasts alike, the local hotspots on the Winnipeg River are the stretch from Pine Falls Dam to Lake Winnipeg; Otter Falls and the decommissioned Pinawa Dam offer prime habitats for fish.

Along the Winnipeg River, you will find many places to cast a line from shore or boat launches that will take you out into the thick of things. The Winnipeg River you will find Walleye, Northern Pike, Goldeye, Perch, Bass, Sturgeon, Channel Cat, Lake White Fish, Crappie and Sturgeon in these waters.

The Red River

Flowing north, the Red River starts and ends its 175 km of winding river banks in Eastern Manitoba. Designated as a Canadian Heritage River due to its cultural and historical value, the Red River is Manitoba’s most popular fishing destination. And why wouldn’t it be? Home to over 70 species of fish, including catfish, muskellunge, northern pike, bass, walleye, carp, drum, sauger, and lake sturgeon, among others. A large number of fish present in the Red River makes it a desirable location for fishing

Between Emerson and Winnipeg, the Red River flows through a rich agricultural area, is joined by the Roseau River, and passes through St. Jean Baptiste, Morris, Ste. Agathe and St. Adolphe. It then flows through the urban environment of Winnipeg, where it is joined by the Assiniboine River — the Red’s largest tributary — before returning to an agricultural region and flowing through Lockport and Selkirk on its way to Lake Winnipeg where it drains. Its course is meandering, with numerous oxbow lakes formed along the way.

You’re never far from your fishing experience and you’re never far from the home-style comforts you’ll enjoy in eastern Manitoba.  Cast a line from shore, a boat, canoe, kayak or experience a guided trip to many waters that Master Angler species call home!