Beausejour & District Chamber Eats

Calling all Foodies, Burger Lovers, and anyone who is too tired to cook! The Beausejour & District Chamber Eats Festival is gearing up for two weeks of amazing burgers that you won’t be able to get anywhere else, or any other time.

Engage with the festival eating unique burgers, sharing your experiences on social media and voting for your favourite!

Voting will be open on the Beausejour & District Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page. The burgers will be judged on Best Tasting, Most Creative, and Judge’s Choice, with the winning venues receiving a consultation with Red Seal Chef, Jeff Rogers.

But winnings aren’t just for the participating restaurants. If you are going to try a burger, or 9, then you’ll want to snag yourself a 10% off coupon from the Chamber’s Facebook page. Participants are also encouraged to promote the event by using #chambereats on Facebook and Instagram. There will also be 9 prize draws for participants, each with a $15 coupon from one of the participating restaurants.

Airliner Drive In – The 747 Burger – Homemade beef patty, bacon, mayo, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, mustard, cheddar, lettuce, tomatoes & pickles.

Annette’s Restaurant – The Howland Boss Burger – 6oz. grilled beef burger, home-style chips, bacon, Monterey jack cheese, coleslaw, chipotle mayo, BBQ sauce and garnished with a dill pickle spear.
Beausejour Dairy Bar – Cheese Pleaser Burger – ½ lb. homemade beef patty filled with cheese, pickles, onions, bacon, leaf lettuce, tomato on a broche bun.
Blue Haze Barbecue Catering & Deli – The Behemoth: BBQ Butter Burger – A patty of AAA beef brisket & pork belly freshly ground, seasoned with our red eye rub, slow smoked for 2 hours. Grilled and topped with our smoked pull pork, aged cheddar cheese, tangy cider slaw, dill pickles, house made dijonaisse, chipotle mayo, fried jalapeño crisps on a buttered golden bun.
Double B Agricultural Festival – The Double “B ” Burger – The Double “B” burger will take you back in time to when it all began. Featuring a homemade patty on a bed of sautéed onions, topped with Monterey jack jalapeno cheese, hickory sticks, a zippy aioli sauce, bacon, tomato and lettuce.
Garson Route 44 Eatery – Ollie’s Chicken Burger – Home made fresh 8oz chicken breast breaded and deep fried, topped with mozzarella cheese, fresh home grown lettuce, home grown tomato, mayo and ketchup on a bun, served with homemade fries.
Pennyweight Market Inc. – Pennyweight Paddy Melt – This unique dessert burger is inspired by all the things we like most. Our Pennyweight Paddy Melt is a burger like no other! Vanilla cookie bun from Gran’s Bake Shop topped with honey & chia seeds filled with chocolate ice cream, orange ice cream cheese slices, rainbow bacon, licorice condiments and gummy frog pickles.
Rivers Edge Golf & Country Club – The River Edge Burger – A mouth- watering freshly made burger in our kitchen topped with fresh tomatoes & lettuce, cheese, pickles & sauce, stacked high with onion rings all on a signature hamburger bun served with lightly seasoned fries.
Tim Hortons – Beyond Meat BBQ Burger – Beyond meat patty, lettuce, tomato, mayo, BBQ sauce on a sesame bun.

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