5 Hardwater Hot Spots to Discover in Eastern Manitoba

Is there anything like getting out on your favorite river or lake for a day of ice fishing?! The crisp air and a peaceful day with family or friends are good for your soul.

Manitoba has some of the best fishing around! There’s no shortage of beautiful places to drill a hole, or launch a boat, and drop a hook. And fortunately for us, Eastern Manitoba is a hotspot for the best fishing in the province. Our parks, rivers, and lakes are wonderful places to explore… and fish!

Let’s look at 5 spots in Eastern Manitoba for some great fishing.

Powerview – Pine Falls Fishing

Declared Walleye Capital of Manitoba, Powerview-Pine Falls is home several tournaments each year, bringing visitors and fishermen from all over Canada and the United States.

Located just south of the entrance of the Lake Winnipeg, the area is beautiful and rustic. It’s a fishing hotspot all year round for good reason – some of the largest walleye that have ever been caught in Manitoba have been hooked by trophy hunting anglers on the Winnipeg River and Traverse Bay out of the town of Pine Falls

Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Ponds

Just 40 minutes south of Powerview – Pine Falls is another wonderful fishing experience waiting for you. The Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Ponds!

It’s a formerly underused gravel pit just outside the Town of Lac du Bonnet that has been transformed into a family-friendly recreation hub and outdoor education centre. Not to mention it’s one of eastern Manitoba’s hottest angling destinations. It’s a must if you’re looking for a great day of catching trout.

It’s an incredible family destination thanks to the Lac du Bonnet Wildlife Association funding over $175,000 and contributing lots of volunteer time. They’ve contributed an aeration system, washroom facilities, picnic tables, and an interpretive trail more than 1 km long, as well as quadrupling the size of the parking lot.

Eastern Beaches – Lake Winnipeg

The Beaches of 59 is hopping all year long and fishing and ice fishing is one of the biggest attractions. Not only will you love the fishing but you’ll also love exploring the area and grabbing a bite to eat!

Balsam Bay is the most popular access to Lake Winnipeg from Eastern Manitoba. There are access points from there all the way around to Albert Beach and Traverse Bay.

You don’t need to go that far from the easy accesses to find some action on Lake Winnipeg.

Whiteshell Provincial Park

Heading south we have the Whiteshell Provincial Park. There are lots of spots in this beautiful 2800 square KM park.

Nutimik Lake is a popular spot in the northern area of the park. It’s a nice spot for northern pike, walleye, and smallmouth bass. You’ll be in good hands if you plan a trip to Nutimik Lodge.

Big Whiteshell Lake is another top spot to snag walleyes for anglers of all backgrounds, making it a perfect location to take out the family and enjoy a day on the water or ice.

Moving south you’ll want to hit Falcon Lake! You’ll love this beautiful area down to West Hawk Lake. There’s a reason this area attracts so many visitors every year! You’ll definitely want to check out Falcon Trails Resort when you’re planning a retreat to the area!

Buffalo Bay

Buffalo Bay is a large bay in the very southeast corner of Manitoba. It is the westernmost section of Lake of the Woods and the only part of it that lies in Manitoba. It’s the perfect spot to catch walleyes, tank perch, and gigantic northern pike. This area is a popular ice fishing spot and attracts visitors from all over Canada and the US.

Plan a trip to Buffalo Point Resort to get the best experience Buffalo Bay offers. Wonderful fishing, great golfing and fine dining will make your trip an experience you won’t forget!

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