5 Cool Eastman Trivia

Are you looking for some cool tidbits to impress people with? With these five cool facts of Eastern Manitoba, you’re sure to ‘wow’ people with your Eastman knowledge. You can also check out our blog, Trivial Pursuit: Eastman Edition, for some more Eastman trivia!


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First Glass Company

Did you know that Beausejour was home to the first glass container factory in Western Canada?

Construction began in June 1906 Joseph Keilbach and his partners Gustav Boehm, Edward Keilbach, and Carl Keilbach, and in October of the same year, history was made. Glassblowers from Poland and the United States, aided by local labour, used silica sand to produce bottles for breweries and soft drink companies in Winnipeg.

In 1907, the plant was producing 15,000 to 20,000 bottles per week, and in 1909 new semi-automated equipment was installed, and production of jars, medicine and ink bottles started and continued to 1911.

Unfortunately, the Beausejour plant could not compete with the Eastern Canada manufacturers who had an exclusive license for fully automatic machines. The glass company was sold to a Montreal company and eventually was relocated to Redcliff, Alberta, due to an offer of free natural gas and land. By 1914 the glass company was closed in the town of Beausejour.

While there are no buildings on the site today, concrete foundations can still be seen and some glass pieces to be found.

Garson’s Limestone

The community of Garson is well known for its limestone. Buildings that feature limestone quarried here include the grand hotels at Banff and Lake Louise, the interior of the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, and the façade at Canada House in London, England. The Canadian Museum of History at Gatineau, Quebec, is clad in Tyndall stone, as is the Legislative Building in Winnipeg.

Manitoba’s Oldest Swinging Cable Bridge

Travel along the Crow Wing Trail to Manitoba’s oldest swinging cable bridge! Swing on just off of Highway #59 near Senkiw to find this little piece of history treasure and also enjoy a great stroll through one section of Crow Wing Trail.

Oldest Municipality in Eastern Manitoba

Incorporated in 1880, RM of Springfield is Eastern Manitoba’s oldest municipality. The RM of Springfield now incorporates Anola, Cooks Creek, Dugald, Hazelridge, and Oakbank.

Springfield stretches from urban industrial development on the eastern boundary of the City of Winnipeg, through urban, rural residential, agricultural and natural landscapes, to the Agassiz Provincial Forest on the municipality’s eastern boundary.

Springfield has it all! You can enjoy pristine water sources, a sustainable natural environment, the unparalleled beauty of Birds Hill Park and a wide range of recreational opportunities, including a rich equestrian way of life.

Provincial Parks

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