21 Eastman Photos to get you in the Winter Spirit

Today is officially winter! So, naturally, we want to celebrate with 21 amazing wintery photos to share some of the excitement.

From the stunning scenery, wildlife pattering around to the crisp fresh air, there are so many reasons why winter, especially in Eastern Manitoba, is a wonderful, magical, and fun season to be in!


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The almost haunting beauty  . . .

To the breathtaking scenery!

Having adventures with your furbabies never gets old.

Not to mention ALL the ice fishing you can do!

Nothing beats cuddling by the fire after a day of adventures!

Eastman is just the place to reconnect with nature!

There’s always fun waiting for you.

You never know what you might discover.

Don’t forget your camera! You never know what beauty you’ll capture.

Nothing feels better than passing on your favourite hobbies to the youngins!

Winter is almost magical . . . especially in the Eastman!

You can even meet a new furry friend or two!

Where beauty, history, and art collide!

Who doesn’t like a photo of an old barn?

Do you dare walk across?


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Sometimes, you just need to slow down and take in the beauty.

That is one big cat!

Walking in a winter wonderland!

If only you could do some paddling in the winter!

Winter is truly a photographer’s paradise!

So many places to explore!

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