20 Photos of Spring in Eastern Manitoba

Spring is here! Spring is here! Finally! The cold days will soon be over and all the wonderful colors of the region will return. Celebrate with us and look through 20 breathtaking photos of Eastern Manitoba!

Sometimes even in spring you still get snow. But when you have a few curious neighbors like these guys, it can still be fun!

Who else is ready for a kayak journey?

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ rustic truck pic?

Take a break from life and enjoy the view!

Even when it’s a bit gloomy, there’s still beauty.

In the Eastman, we have plenty of unique and beautiful old barns.

Whoa! Hopefully you don’t wake someone up while you’re hiking . . .

Nothing beats our night skies!

But our sunsets are a close second!

How can something so simple be so beautiful?

There’s always something cool and pretty in Emerson!

You can always make some great friends!

Such an awesome picture!

Is there anything more relaxing than the lake?

Northern Lights are always a welcomed surprise!

Going on an adventure is always better with some company.

There’s lots of gorgeous buildings in the Eastman, but Cooks Creek’s church is probably one of the best!

Who else is feeling peaceful just looking at this picture?

Who else wishes it was them in this picture?

Walking, learning, and a great view . . . what else could be better?

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